Monday, April 12, 2010

Episode 10: Meanwhile, back at the temple...

Meanwhile, back at the temple, Friar Freckles rushes Turbo down a flight of stairs, the door to which is hidden underneath a pile of hay. Turbo has many questions, things like, "Friar, why are you bald? Why does this place smell overused litter?" But Friar Freckles is impatient and says, "we have no time for that. You must do something for me now, quickly. It has been foretold that you can find the secret shrine hidden underneath the temple - only one bunny in all of Bunnlandia can see it. The spirit Honey Bunny appeared to me in a dream just last night and said it would be you. That you would knock on my door. And here you are." Turbo interrupts, "Honey Bunny? Why I just saw her, she just got me out of prison. How does she do that floating thing?" Friar Freckles seems miffed, "she appeared to you? In person? Just like that? In prison? Wow, the spirits are really scraping the bottom of the Carrota barrel these days, aren't they? Look, I don't know why, but it's you. So just listen up."

They reach the bottom of the long, winding staircase, and come into a giant room made of white, painted wood. It's dark, the only light coming from the open door above them, and it smells of rancid lettuce. "The shrine of the four spirits is hidden from view at the end of that long dark hallway ahead of you. We have had no need to seek it for centuries, but the legend says that in every generation, only one bunny can see it, let alone find it. It contains the power of the three spirits of Bunnlandia who keep our land safe and protected. If something has happened, if something is wrong with Bunnlandia, the shrine will show it to you. You must find it, Turbo. There has to be some reason that this darkness, this evil tower, has entered our land. Something is wrong. Now, go. I don't know what it looks like or how you'll find it, the old legends say that it's round and apparently X marks the spot. Return to me when you've found it."

"But, it's dark in there," he says, inching slowly forward to see if there's any light in the hallway ahead. There's not. "No, I'm not going in there." He turns around to look at Friar Freckles, but the bald, freckly friar is gone. There's a thud above as the entrance to the staircase is shut and locked, leaving Turbo in complete darkness. How is even supposed to see the X? Is this just another prison? Has Turbo been fooled again? He scratches his head and thinks about what he should do next.

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  1. Bottom of the carrota barrel?