Sunday, April 4, 2010

Episode 9: How Floppy Puff Puff Came to Serve

His master, The Grimalkin - self-proclaimed Queen-Elect of Bunnlandia, is hungry. And Floppy Puff Puff is bound to do her bidding. She wants one of the tower-workers for lunch. With great effort and wobbly legs, he uses the sound of the hammer to guide him, unable to see through the haze of fur that covers his eyes. Bunnlandia is doomed. Everybunny's fate lies in the stomach of the great beast. And it's all his fault.

Some time ago, Floppy Puff Puff was banished to the dark forest where nobunny dares ever go. He had run head on into King Niblet, unable to see where he was going, and upsetting the King is a great offense immediately punished by banishment. He apologized profusely, but it was of no use. Niblet is a sensitive king and easily sent into a tither. Floppy Puff Puff roamed the woods blindly for more than a month, using his keen sense of smell to search for food and burrowing under piles of leaves for safety. Then one day, he met her - The Grimalkin. He heard her roar and he bolted - right into her giant, lead-like foot. She spoke to him loudly, asked who he was, where he came from, and as she roared at him, his hair blew back and he was able to see her - a giantess with sharp fangs and ears that mesmerized, and the strong, intoxicating smell of cheerios all around her. He felt something come over him, and he told her everything. He was terrified. She promised not to eat him if he would take her and her daughter to his land. He explained he was banished and could not return. "I'll take care of everything, fluffy one, just lead me." For some reason, he couldn't say no to her, and it was sure death if he did. He used his nose and they were there in less than two days. The rest is a painful blur to him.

And now he finds himself leading one of his fellow-bunnies down to her, where her teeth await him, cruel payment for his hardwork on her behalf. He listens at the door. There's a gulp and a smack, and that bunny is done. This is all his fault.

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