Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Episode 8: Introducing...The Villain!

"Floppy Puff Puff!" the Grimalkin roars and the building shakes. Her minion, a big ball of fur named Floppy Puff Puff, nervously runs toward her, bumping into the tower walls along his way, his vision blurred by all the hair that grows around his eyes - and everywhere else. "Yes, your majesty," he quakes like a cotton ball on a vibrator. "I'm hungry," she yells, "and can smell the rains coming; when is this building going to be finished?!" Floppy Puff Puff thumps his feet in fear, careful to stay far enough away that the Grimalkin doesn't take him for her dinner. "You've eaten all the storages, your majesty, and your yelling has scared everybunny in Bunnlandia, the rabbits won't come near. The cheerios aren't working anymore." The Grimalkin licks her lips and flops down on the ground, the impact shakes Floppy Puff Puff's fur.

"Minion, do I look like a stupid rabbit to you?" "You don't look like a rabbit at all, your majesty." The Grimalkin smiles a sly kind of smile and lazily cleans her claws with her tongue. "But I have the ears of one, don't I? And isn't it her ears that makes a rabbit?" Floppy Puff Puff gulps, "yes, you're right. I don't know what I was thinking." She stands up again and circles Floppy Puff Puff slowly, her eyes on him at all times. "I said I was hungry, and I asked when this tower would be done. The workers aren't working fast enough. Rain is hell on my rabbit fur," she smirks. "The answer is easy, Floppy. The workers need a little fear in their bones. Fear will make them work harder. And I am hungry. Are you getting what I'm telling you?" Floppy Puff Puff doesn't, but he nods as though he does, anything to quell her anger.

"Then move!" she roars, the air from her breath blowing his fur back, his eyes finally unobstructed, and he can see down the Grimalkin's throat and the sharp teeth that line her mouth. "Bring me one of the workers! That fat, brown rabbit. He's useless here. Bring him to me." Saliva drips from the Grimalkin's teeth, and Floppy Puff Puff does as he's told.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Episode 7: Bunnylon Temple

"Catch him," the Sheriff yells from the other room. It's now or never Turbo. He can feel one of the police bunny's breath on his cotton tail. Now! He pushes his feet with great force and clears the doorway, bolting with great speed in the direction of Bunnylon Temple, looking back often to see if he's being followed.

He arrives within minutes, panting and out of breath, his sides hurting from being stuck in the doorway. He rings the bell. No one answers. He rings it again. He looks behind him, the sheriff is coming. He must get inside. He rings the bell continuously. They're coming closer. They've spotted him. "There he is," yells the sheriff, fat old Deputy Flopsy trailing behind them.

Just then the temple door opens, a frightening, hairless animal standing before him, strange dots all over his wrinkled, pink skin. "Turbo, you've arrived." But Turbo has never seen this animal in his life. What kind of animal is that even? "You better hurry inside," he says, catching sight of the posse that's coming toward them. Turbo hops inside, and this animal, this thing, closes the door behind them with a great thud. The sheriff reaches the door and bangs on it. "Do not fear, I will not let them in," says the scary animal. "Who are you? And how do you know my name," Turbo asks, grateful for the help, but really creeped out and shaking nervously. "I am Friar Freckles," he replies. "And I've been expecting you."

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Episode 6: Cabbages and Savages

Turbo eats his weight in cabbage. After two full days in prison, his engorged belly is lucky he stopped there. He has successfully eaten the entire food storage of the family who owns the house he's squatting in. And after that meal, he ain't movin'. Or so he thought...

He's not home three hours (three delicious, cabbage filled hours) when there's a banging at the door. It's not Turbo's house, so he's not going to answer it. His stomach's too full for him to move, so he lays there on the floor, his ears alert, paying attention to what's going on outside. There's a group of bunnies out there. The banging stops. There's some movement, shuffling. They're at the top of the burrow now, near the skylight above where Turbo lies. There's a nose that pokes in; a nose with a patch of hair missing. It's the sheriff! "I see you, Turbo," he yells. "You come out peacefully or we're coming in!"

"Damn it," Turbo whispers, and rolls his body onto his feet. Why won't those idiot savages leave him alone?! The ceiling is crumbling as the sheriff digs his nose in deeper. Someone's trying to bang the front door down, too. Turbo has to leave; it's not safe here. He's now officially on the run from the BPD. Slowly and with much difficulty, his full belly dragging the floor, he makes his way to the secret door where the food is (was) stored. Honey Bunny said there'd be sanctuary at the temple, so that's where he's heading. But yikes does his tummy hurt. All of a sudden, he finds that he's stuck in the door; his stomach is so bloated that it's bigger than the exit. He frantically pushes his large hind legs forward, but his body can't make it through. He hears the sheriff fall through the roof at the same time the other police bunnies break the door down. With all his might he tries to push himself through, but the cabbages anchor him to the door frame.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Episode 5: Spirits in the Night

After a full day of interrogation - the old "good bunny, bad bunny" routine - they could still not get Turbo to admit that he was responsible for the mysterious tower being built on the outskirts of Bunnylon, nor that he had any information about it whatsoever. The sheriff and Deputy Flopsy tried everything: held mint under his nose but too far away for him to eat it, promises of more Carota, threats of exile to the Dark Forest, but nothing would make Turbo even pretend to know anything. Starving and tired, they threw him back in the cell, Deputy Flopsy keeping watch over him while snacking on fragrant herbs.

Late that night Turbo wakes to find a silvery rabbit floating above him in his cell, gently whispering his name. Turbo has never seen a bunny float before and it freaks him out. He huddles against the corner of his cage, while Deputy Flopsy remains asleep. "I've come to help you, Turbo," whispers the floating rabbit. "I am Honey Bunny, one of the three spirits of Bunnlandia, and I come to you now to help you, but you must promise to help me in return. A dark force is growing in Bunnlandia, and you have been chosen to save us from it. Don't ask why, all will be revealed. For now, get thee to Bunnylon Temple where you will find sanctuary. There someone will tell you what to do next." Then Honey Bunny, whose fur glows like moonlight, twitches her nose three times and the prison door opens.

Deputy Flopsy stirs slightly, but his eyes stay closed. Turbo looks to the corner to ask Honey Bunny what the heck is going on, but she's gone, vanished. Turbo's not one to turn down a gift, whoever it's from, so he quietly hops out of Bunnylon Prison. But this is starting to get weird - the cops are after him for no reason, ghosts are visiting him in the night with talk of doom and gloom. That's just not Turbo's thing, he can't take care of himself, much less save all of Bunnlandia, and all this over stupid tower? Nuts. So instead he hops his way back to the place he was staying, excited about the cabbage stash he knows is there.