Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Episode 8: Introducing...The Villain!

"Floppy Puff Puff!" the Grimalkin roars and the building shakes. Her minion, a big ball of fur named Floppy Puff Puff, nervously runs toward her, bumping into the tower walls along his way, his vision blurred by all the hair that grows around his eyes - and everywhere else. "Yes, your majesty," he quakes like a cotton ball on a vibrator. "I'm hungry," she yells, "and can smell the rains coming; when is this building going to be finished?!" Floppy Puff Puff thumps his feet in fear, careful to stay far enough away that the Grimalkin doesn't take him for her dinner. "You've eaten all the storages, your majesty, and your yelling has scared everybunny in Bunnlandia, the rabbits won't come near. The cheerios aren't working anymore." The Grimalkin licks her lips and flops down on the ground, the impact shakes Floppy Puff Puff's fur.

"Minion, do I look like a stupid rabbit to you?" "You don't look like a rabbit at all, your majesty." The Grimalkin smiles a sly kind of smile and lazily cleans her claws with her tongue. "But I have the ears of one, don't I? And isn't it her ears that makes a rabbit?" Floppy Puff Puff gulps, "yes, you're right. I don't know what I was thinking." She stands up again and circles Floppy Puff Puff slowly, her eyes on him at all times. "I said I was hungry, and I asked when this tower would be done. The workers aren't working fast enough. Rain is hell on my rabbit fur," she smirks. "The answer is easy, Floppy. The workers need a little fear in their bones. Fear will make them work harder. And I am hungry. Are you getting what I'm telling you?" Floppy Puff Puff doesn't, but he nods as though he does, anything to quell her anger.

"Then move!" she roars, the air from her breath blowing his fur back, his eyes finally unobstructed, and he can see down the Grimalkin's throat and the sharp teeth that line her mouth. "Bring me one of the workers! That fat, brown rabbit. He's useless here. Bring him to me." Saliva drips from the Grimalkin's teeth, and Floppy Puff Puff does as he's told.

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