Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Episode 3: What Turbo Finds at City Hall

The next day, Turbo wakes at noon and has a long leisurely breakfast, finishing off the rest of the food stash he found in the home, then moseys on down to City Hall. He expects there to be hoards of bunnies there vying for a chance at that prize of 100 carrots and a room in the castle, so he doesn't hurry; but Turbo rarely hurries for anything. To his great surprise, when he gets to City Hall nobunny is there. The place is completely empty - no one lined up for these tests, not even the city employees are there. He walks around the grounds looking for someone, trying all the locked doors, banging on windows, but nothing. "Figures," he says to himself as he hops around to the back of the building. No one there either. But near a service entrance he sees a big barrel of Carota - carrot juice fermented with hops - a drink that will get a rabbit seriously messed up.

He looks around again, making sure he's not being watched. Confident that no one's around, he chews a hole in the bottom of the Carota barrel and starts to guzzle the stuff. At first the Carota makes his nose tingle, then a warmth travels through his body. Then he starts giggling hysterically and singing, still guzzling down the sweet beverage, getting it all over him. He's covered in the stuff when he blacks out, his paws up in the air, his fur stained orange.

After some time he wakes up. He slowly opens his eyes, his head is pounding and his sight is blurry; he sees something strange in front of him, smells a warm, sour breath. "Seems we got ourselves a public drunk," he hears, the voice loud and close, making his head hurt worse. Finally his eyes focus, and staring him in the face is the Sheriff of Bunnylon, the big bald patch on his nose inches away from Turbo's orange stained face.