Monday, February 22, 2010

Episode 2: Mayor O'Hare Asks for Help

Since leaving the bunny orphanage, Turbo has been smooth-talking friends and acquaintances into letting him sleep on their couches or the floors of their storage rooms, hopping from burrow to burrow, refusing to get a job. After stealing the enormous orange carrot from the Carrot Market, he returns to the place he's currently squatting (the home of a family vacationing in Parsley Village), and devours it, along with the homeowners' secret stash of dried mango. With a full belly and an unblemished conscience, he lays on the sofa for the rest of the day and reads the Bunnylon newspaper, The Daily Tribunny, he stole from the neighbor's doorstep.

The front page headline reads: MAYOR O'HARE AFRAID OF TOWER - CALLS ON BUNNYLON RESIDENTS FOR HELP. "Hmmm," Turbo thinks to himself, "that must be what the sheriff and that fat, gray bunny were talking about." According to the article, the base of the tower and the impenetrable fence around it went up over night. The mayor of Bunnylon, Mr. Triscuits O'Hare, and the BPD have been unsuccessful in contacting anyone inside the tower. No one is seen working on it during the day, and the Rabbits on night patrol are mysteriously lured away with what one sole survivor described as a magical and irresistible scent of Cheerios (an intoxicating treat that can only be found on the black market of Bunnylon). Night after night, the tower grows taller and rabbits of the BPD keep disappearing. The King of Bunnlandia is being called back from the winter palace to hold a special session with his closest advisors. Bunnies everywhere are terribly afraid. Roars are heard from within the tower walls; roars that make the bunnies quake all the way to Litter Village. "If you think you can withstand the lure of the sweet Cheerio and find information on the inhabitants of the Tower or those who work on it," the article continues, "come to City Hall for a series of tests. Should you pass these tests and discover information about the scary tower, you will receive an award of 100 carrots and one year's accommodation inside the King's castle with as many books as you can chew. Bunnlandia and your King need you."

"100 carrots and the chance to chew all the books I want? And a place to live? Just for sitting outside some stupid tower for a night? Sign me up!" Turbo says to himself, nodding his head vigorously. Sometimes he thinks his fellow rabbits aren't so bright. He cleans his ears and takes a nice, long nap. Tests! Whatever. Might as well show up, though.


  1. LOVE it!! Something about the way he's lounging on the couch makes it clear that this bunny is indeed one sweet talker!

  2. I'm worried about Turbo's proclivity for theft.... We need some good Bunny role models.