Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Episode 4: Bunnylon Prison

"Book him, Flopsy," the sheriff says to the fat, grey floppy eared bunny Turbo had seen at the carrot market. Turns out that was the sheriff's deputy, Deputy Flopsy Buns. Flopsy looks irritated at having to move, but slowly he rolls himself toward Turbo and cuffs him. Turbo is too hungover to resist.

They take him down to Bunnylon Prison and put him in a dirty cell full of old, unemptied litter and gave him wilted, rotten lettuce to eat. He begs for aspirin and something greasy to eat, anything to make the pain of the hangover go away, but they just laugh at him and throw straw in his face. Fat old Flopsy hunkers down right outside Turbo's prison cell and snacks loudly on raisins, torturing poor Turbo whose head is still throbbing and whose belly rumbles for decent food. But Flopsy doesn't say a word, just stares at him and chomps his food.

The next day, Flopsy returns, sits right there in front of him and devours crisp greens while Turbo watches. Flopsy lets out a big belch, wipes his mouth, and finally speaks. "What were you doing down there at City Hall?" Turbo replies that he just wanted to help Bunnlandia, came down because the Mayor asked; no one was there so he helped himself to the Carota; thought it was there for some kind of reception for everyone who showed up. "That was a trick," Flopsy replies. "Everybunny's afraid of that tower, no one will go near it, not with the roars coming out of that place and the disappearances. The only bunny who wouldn't be afraid to show up would be the person building it. We were trying to lure the culprit with promises of riches. Seems it worked, too. You're the tower builder, aren't you?" Turbo says no, that he just wants to help, but Flopsy ain't buying it. "Tell it to the sheriff," he says. "We're taking you down to the interrogation room. You're going to tell us the truth - even if we have to starve you to get it."

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