Sunday, February 21, 2010

Episode 1: Whisperings in the Market Place

Bunnlandia is a sprawling land of green hills and valleys, placid lakes, and tranquil mountains, where rabbits raise their young in peaceful villages. Each village claims responsibility for one of Bunnlandia's necessities. There is Hay Village, Carrot Village, even a Litter Village. The goods these villages create are taken to market in Bunnlandia's only city, Bunnylon -- a bustling city with a great market place in the center where rabbits go for things they need -- food, toys, grooming, socializing, and information.

But not all rabbits are fortunate enough to live in these peaceful villages with their loving, protective families. Some rabbits have bad luck, some rabbits like Turbo -- an orphaned bunny who lives in the city, fending for himself with cunning and wit, talking farmers out of food, charming lady rabbits out of precious alfalfa pellets, slyly taking carrots from vendors stands. Which is where we find Turbo now - here in the carrot market, hiding among the crowds of rabbits. As he inspects a particularly sweet-smelling carrot, one that he plans on surreptitiously dropping into his bunny pouch, he overhears a conversation between a fat gray rabbit and the sheriff of Bunnylon -- an oversized floppy-eared rabbit with a bald patch above his nose. They are nervously talking, fear in their voices. It seems that just outside the city limits, a great tower is being constructed. No one knows by whom, no one knows how, no one can pass through the gates that have been erected.

But what does the hungry Turbo care. He has only himself to worry about. He slips the carrot into his pouch. The sheriff doesn't see a thing.

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