Sunday, March 14, 2010

Episode 7: Bunnylon Temple

"Catch him," the Sheriff yells from the other room. It's now or never Turbo. He can feel one of the police bunny's breath on his cotton tail. Now! He pushes his feet with great force and clears the doorway, bolting with great speed in the direction of Bunnylon Temple, looking back often to see if he's being followed.

He arrives within minutes, panting and out of breath, his sides hurting from being stuck in the doorway. He rings the bell. No one answers. He rings it again. He looks behind him, the sheriff is coming. He must get inside. He rings the bell continuously. They're coming closer. They've spotted him. "There he is," yells the sheriff, fat old Deputy Flopsy trailing behind them.

Just then the temple door opens, a frightening, hairless animal standing before him, strange dots all over his wrinkled, pink skin. "Turbo, you've arrived." But Turbo has never seen this animal in his life. What kind of animal is that even? "You better hurry inside," he says, catching sight of the posse that's coming toward them. Turbo hops inside, and this animal, this thing, closes the door behind them with a great thud. The sheriff reaches the door and bangs on it. "Do not fear, I will not let them in," says the scary animal. "Who are you? And how do you know my name," Turbo asks, grateful for the help, but really creeped out and shaking nervously. "I am Friar Freckles," he replies. "And I've been expecting you."

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