Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Episode 6: Cabbages and Savages

Turbo eats his weight in cabbage. After two full days in prison, his engorged belly is lucky he stopped there. He has successfully eaten the entire food storage of the family who owns the house he's squatting in. And after that meal, he ain't movin'. Or so he thought...

He's not home three hours (three delicious, cabbage filled hours) when there's a banging at the door. It's not Turbo's house, so he's not going to answer it. His stomach's too full for him to move, so he lays there on the floor, his ears alert, paying attention to what's going on outside. There's a group of bunnies out there. The banging stops. There's some movement, shuffling. They're at the top of the burrow now, near the skylight above where Turbo lies. There's a nose that pokes in; a nose with a patch of hair missing. It's the sheriff! "I see you, Turbo," he yells. "You come out peacefully or we're coming in!"

"Damn it," Turbo whispers, and rolls his body onto his feet. Why won't those idiot savages leave him alone?! The ceiling is crumbling as the sheriff digs his nose in deeper. Someone's trying to bang the front door down, too. Turbo has to leave; it's not safe here. He's now officially on the run from the BPD. Slowly and with much difficulty, his full belly dragging the floor, he makes his way to the secret door where the food is (was) stored. Honey Bunny said there'd be sanctuary at the temple, so that's where he's heading. But yikes does his tummy hurt. All of a sudden, he finds that he's stuck in the door; his stomach is so bloated that it's bigger than the exit. He frantically pushes his large hind legs forward, but his body can't make it through. He hears the sheriff fall through the roof at the same time the other police bunnies break the door down. With all his might he tries to push himself through, but the cabbages anchor him to the door frame.

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