Saturday, March 6, 2010

Episode 5: Spirits in the Night

After a full day of interrogation - the old "good bunny, bad bunny" routine - they could still not get Turbo to admit that he was responsible for the mysterious tower being built on the outskirts of Bunnylon, nor that he had any information about it whatsoever. The sheriff and Deputy Flopsy tried everything: held mint under his nose but too far away for him to eat it, promises of more Carota, threats of exile to the Dark Forest, but nothing would make Turbo even pretend to know anything. Starving and tired, they threw him back in the cell, Deputy Flopsy keeping watch over him while snacking on fragrant herbs.

Late that night Turbo wakes to find a silvery rabbit floating above him in his cell, gently whispering his name. Turbo has never seen a bunny float before and it freaks him out. He huddles against the corner of his cage, while Deputy Flopsy remains asleep. "I've come to help you, Turbo," whispers the floating rabbit. "I am Honey Bunny, one of the three spirits of Bunnlandia, and I come to you now to help you, but you must promise to help me in return. A dark force is growing in Bunnlandia, and you have been chosen to save us from it. Don't ask why, all will be revealed. For now, get thee to Bunnylon Temple where you will find sanctuary. There someone will tell you what to do next." Then Honey Bunny, whose fur glows like moonlight, twitches her nose three times and the prison door opens.

Deputy Flopsy stirs slightly, but his eyes stay closed. Turbo looks to the corner to ask Honey Bunny what the heck is going on, but she's gone, vanished. Turbo's not one to turn down a gift, whoever it's from, so he quietly hops out of Bunnylon Prison. But this is starting to get weird - the cops are after him for no reason, ghosts are visiting him in the night with talk of doom and gloom. That's just not Turbo's thing, he can't take care of himself, much less save all of Bunnlandia, and all this over stupid tower? Nuts. So instead he hops his way back to the place he was staying, excited about the cabbage stash he knows is there.

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